Industrial Services

Industrial packing services

Long Rake Spar has a wide range of processing and packing equipment installed at plants strategically located throughout the UK. The scale of equipment and facilities enable Long Rake Spar to process and supply packed and loose products to multiple industry sectors. There are four production sites; Youlgrave, Derbyshire; Rye Harbour, East Sussex, Garston Docks, Liverpool and Prees, Shropshire. There are also four dock sites throughout England and Scotland that hold in excess of 100,000 tonnes of raw material.

Long Rake Spar currently produce in the region of 750kt per year, with capability for output that far exceeds this figure. This affords us the scope and scale to undertake the following services for our Industrial sector customers.

The packed products available include:

    • Bulk bags: Ranging from 400 – 1,500kg for aggregates and 1.25m3 for lightweight products.
    • Poly bags: Are available in pack sizes ranging from 5-25kg. These can also be packed in either Long Rake Spar or customer branded bags.
    • Crates: Which are used for containing rockery stone and large boulders for landscaping.
Sourcing and importing industrial products
Sourcing & Importing

We can source the materials you are looking for with our team of skilled international buyers. 

We can organise shipments back to the UK into one of our four dockside locations.

Screening & Sizing

We offer wet and dry aggregate material screening and sizing services through the different screening facilities we have available.

A 20 tonne tumbler is available to produce rounded materials.

contract washing of aggregates

High-performance washing facilities are available for contract processing of customer materials.

Drying industrial products

Moisture content is reduced to a minimum by processing aggregates and minerals through two high-capacity rotary driers.

Aggregate Blending Services

Accurate blending by either weight or density can be undertaken to meet exacting customer-defined specifications.

Contract packing

We can provide packaging services into both Bulk and Poly bags at weights to suit customer requirements. We have the ability to use our own packaging or customer defined packaging.