Health and Safety Policy

Long Rake Spar Co. Ltd is committed to the Health, Safety and Welfare of all its employees and other persons who may be affected by the company’s actions. It is company policy to provide and maintain healthy working conditions, safe plant, products and safe systems of work.

Site Safety

The Managing Director and Company Directors are responsible for the safe working practices in their own areas of activity, also for the continued development of safety systems throughout the company.

All employees shall be encouraged to participate in the pursuit of Health and Safety and are reminded that Safety is the prime responsibility of everybody when carrying out their job.

The Managing Director and Company Directors are responsible to assess, evaluate and control risks in their areas of operations and to make and record suitable arrangements. It is the company’s policy to provide the necessary information, instruction, training and emergency procedures that may be required.

All Employees are actively encouraged to communicate all Health and Safety related issues to the Management. All accidents must be reported immediately and recorded in the Accident Book. The Accident Book is located in the main office. All incidents and near misses must also be reported to the Management to enable remedial action to prevent recurrence.

It is company policy to consult with all employees on Health, Safety and Welfare matters, in a clear, effective and rapid manner. The success of this policy depends on the support of all employees.

Adequate safety rules, responsibilities, general arrangements and procedures shall be in place and be reviewed regularly. A full copy of all work safety rules, work regulations, fire, first aid and emergency procedures are contained in the Works Safety Manual. The H&S Manual is held in the main office and is available to all employees. A copy of the Manual is held in the Production Office by the Production Manager.

Personnel directly responsible for implementing the company’s Health and Safety policy is Trevor Broadhurst (Managing Director) and Kenny Dean(Group Operations Manager). Resources shall be made available to all employees to carry out their tasks in a safe manner. This policy will be brought to the attention of all employees.

This policy is in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Sect. 2 (3). The company will regularly monitor and review this policy in the light of safety performance and changing circumstances. Any discrepancies or deficiencies will be corrected immediately.

Health and Safety are vitally important to us all at Long Rake Spar Co. Ltd

Trevor Broadhurst
Managing Director