Etwall Well Dressing

At Long Rake Spar we pride ourselves on supporting local community events whenever possible.

Last year we donated some of our Golden Quartz to the Etwall village well dressing in May and have agreed to support them again this year by providing the same product.

The well dressing was started 49 years ago by the Primary school PTA who were raising funds for their swimming pool and they will be celebrating 50 years next year! There are several wells in the village and each well has a different theme chosen by their organisers. All the organisers have different techniques using natural materials to produce a picture.

We are always interested to hear of unique ways in which our products are used and pleased to learn that our natural stone chippings are being used in such a creative way!

The whole event involves the village in various ways; the pubs often have craft beers and music, the churches turn into cafes and flower displays, and there are craft fairs and entertainment.

The event is run by the EWDA who are a non-profit charity that organises village events. The main event is in May where they produce well dressing around the village. All the money raised is then given back to local and regional charities that have been successful in their application to them.

We have been supplied with a few pictures of previous year’s well dressings featuring our products and look forward to seeing this year’s offering!