Resin Bound Patio Revamp

In a small town close to Longleat Forest in Wiltshire, a tired, south facing residential patio was in desperate need of a revamp. The owners of the worn-out patio area wanted to transform the back garden of their detached property with resin bound aggregate. Resin bound was chosen as it provides a highly attractive, durable finish, which is long lasting and very low maintenance.

The homeowners opted to overlay the new resin bound surface over their pre-existing sandstone slabs. It was after careful consideration and various movement checks that it was decided to overlay, to keep costs down and because they felt otherwise the task would be too large to complete. They chose to use SureSet’s 6mm Cappuccino material, which was chosen from the Natural Aggregate DIYPack Range; which uses Long Rake Spar’s Grantex range of aggregates.

The installation was done by the homeowner themselves who started by preparing the slab base with a crack reduction membrane (CRM). They then removed the drain covers and masked off any brickwork and exposed edges.  Once the weather warmed up and the morning fog lifted, the first batch of material was mixed. This mix was wheelbarrowed to the patio area and hand floated to a level 18mm depth. The area was finished with a step edging strip for a neat and lasting finish. The manholes were also covered with resin bound and a bespoke rotary washing line cover was created to fill the hole when it is not in use.

The project was completed in March 2019. The finished result is clean, fresh and smart and will provide years of low maintenance care and hardwearing performance. Now, well over a year later the owners are still extremely happy with not only how the resin bound surface looks, but also how it performs in the rain!

Supplier: SureSet