Resin Bound Driveway Gets The Treatment It Deserves!

A property owner based near Lee Valley Regional Park in Hertfordshire was experiencing ‘driveway woes’! They had a resin bound driveway previously installed by a non-approved contractor, who unfortunately cut corners. This resin bound surface had developed potholes, surface detachment, loose stones and staining. Seeing an installation such as this really highlights the importance of choosing the right contractor; one that uses high quality materials and high quality craftsmanship.

Please see below the importance of choosing the right contractor and resin bound supplier. These photos are not of a SureSet installation!

The owner of the property wanted to replace their large, but poorly installed resin bound driveway with another resin bound installation. Instead this time they chose SureSet as the providers of the resin bound system. SureSet offers high-quality permeable resin bound technology, using our Grantex range of aggregates. This would enable the owners to transform their drive and rear garden, whilst having peace of mind with the SureSet 21 year guarantee!

Firstly SureSet asked their Elite Approved Installer – Lovelock Landscapes, to carry out a survey on the failed surfacing. Whilst they were undertaking this project, the homeowner also wanted to increase the size of the driveway. They wanted to do this by widening the area to the side, over their existing lawn.

The designs and plans for this resin bound project were drawn up by Monahan Blythen Hopkins Architects. This was then sent to SureSet for reference. SureSet always work closely with their clients and their architects to ensure they receive the best possible service. Bowtie Construction were then advised by SureSet, to ensure that the tarmac base was suitable to have the resin bound surface installed onto.

The installation site was firstly prepared with a crack reduction membrane (CRM) over the base. Then all the steel and brickwork was masked off to protect exposed edges.

The owner chose Sureset’s 6mm Winter Bronze from their Natural Aggregate range, which uses aggregates from our own Grantex range of specialist dried and screened aggregates for resin bound paving. As you can see, the end result is simply stunning and a complete resin bound driveway transformation!

Supplier: SureSet