New Decorative Aggregate Supplier a success for John A Stephens

Last February John A Stephens were in a position of having to source a new decorative aggregate supplier.

Having seen numerous adverts and offers from Long Rake Spar in magazines and within the NMBS packs, they seemed the dominant supplier within the Merchant Sector and a natural choice. A year later, with their decorative aggregate sales at an all-time high, Long Rake’s accounts Manager Dan Travis called on branch Director, Paul Johns and his assistant Odelle Robertson to see how things were going.

Standing in the John A Stephens yard it is hard not to be impressed with the sheer size of their operation, comprising of a fleet of 25 Lorries, alongside a workshop manufacturing their own concrete products, it was a sheer hive of activity.

An external decorative aggregates display promoted the variety and extent of materials on offer, serving as a great tool to prompt enquiries from customers. Peter Stephens the owner stated that “we are very happy with the increased product range and level of sales”.

Odelle who is responsible for the ordering of the decorative aggregates from Long Rake, is keener than most to see the supply arrangement work. “The vast range of unique and exclusive products Long Rake promotes within their Platinum Range, were instantly a hit with our customers, offering something new and different to inspire them” she remarked. When asked what the main reasons for choosing Long Rake were Paul comments “It was mostly price led, Long Rake were very reasonable”.

Having been supplied previously by the same supplier for many years John and Odelle were hesitant on how well the new products would sell. “I didn’t think we’d sell as much as we have done previously, so I was quite surprised to see the level of increases we’ve had” Odelle remarks.

With John A Stephens now embracing their new supply arrangement with Long Rake, Odelle explains ”it is not just the new products on offer and the potential increases in sales these bring, but the assurances that we are buying as cost efficiently as possible from a trusted and reliable supply partner”..

Builders Merchant: John A Stephens