Mia House

The beautiful town of Knutsford is nestled between the stunning Welsh Mountains and the hills of the Peak District and is home to some well-known celebrities such as comedian Sarah Millican and footballer Peter Crouch.

This affluent area attracts homeowners who wish to be within easy reach of the nearby cities, but it makes an ideal location to escape to at the end of a busy day.

SureSet’s experienced approved installers Coatech were contacted in July 2018 with a cry for help from their clients after they had a negative experience with a failing inferior resin system which had previously been installed on their large driveway.

The clients liked the principle of a Resin Bound Paving solution and its properties of a seamless, smooth, hardwearing finish. However the inferior system had failed, leaving them with a driveway which had cracked due to movement of an insufficient base, plus the final surface had yellowed due to inferior aggregates and resin blend.

These issues of course knocked their confidence in Resin Bound Paving in general and therefore reassurance along with technical advice and supporting evidence of longevity was on hand to appease their concerns.

With a combination of SureSet’s product that uses specialist aggregates from Long Rake Spar and comes with a 21-year guarantee, alongside the extensive experience from the SureSet Approved Installer Coatech the client’s confidence in resin bound paving was re-built.

Long Rake Spar’s Grantex range offers an extensive collection of high quality aggregates that are suitable for use in resin bound paving and therefore are regularly contacted by SureSet to provide the aggregates for their Resin Bound Paving Blends.

For this project, Coatech installed 155m² of their 6mm Barley Butter at an 18mm depth which complimented the surrounding railway sleepers, patio slab edging and vibrant green shrubs. The aggregates from Long Rake Spar ensure the surfacing provides a natural but effortlessly sleek finish to this contemporary country home.

The driveway at Mia House has ample space for multiple turning vehicles which the SureSet Resin Bound paving is designed to withstand. Each project specification is tailored to its own application to account for the expected traffic type. As a result of our experience we confidently offer Technical Advice, Installation and an enduring 21-year guarantee.

Supplier: SureSet

Contractor: Coatech