Resin Bound Renovations at Historic Park

Historical images of Leavesdon Park
Leavesden Country Park History

In the late 1800’s Leavesden was an Asylum holding more than 2000 patients. In the adjoining building ‘St Pancras’, 600 orphans were also housed. The Asylum provided job opportunities for hundreds of locals while playing a significant part in mental health treatment and attitude in Victorian times. Some of the Victorian buildings remain intact, including the church and East Lane Cemetery with its beautiful Lychgate entrance and the administration block. They have now been converted into housing. 

Grantex Brittany Bronze 6mm was chosen for the footpaths throughout the park

Leavesden Country Park in Abbots Langley is a beautiful destination many enjoy for its impressive learning centres, wildlife, sculpture park, and BMX track.

In 2019 the park received a £1.2 million National Lottery Heritage investment to improve the facilities and arts available at the Country Park. This project was also funded by Warner Bros Studios and Three Rivers Council. The plan was to incorporate Leavesden’s history and heritage through its community members, ensuring they had the involvement of local residents and community groups.

For this project, permeable resin-bound footpaths were required for installation in different locations around the park. Using Grantex aggregates a SureSet Resin Systems approved installer laid their natural brown stone blend, SureSet 6mm Bronze.

Trees in Historic Park
Resin Bound pathways for Sensory and Sculpture Park at Leavesden

Platforms near the Woodlands café and Leavesden Cycle Hub were completed as part of the project. A 174m² of SureSet’s blend, 6mm Sterling at an 18mm depth was used to surround the nine sculptures within the park.

The pathway from the sculpture park leads to a bustling sensory park ‘Leavesden HIVE’. This hosts butterflies, and wildflowers and is a sensory dream for young children.

Segmenting the different learning areas was the brown resin-bound material. SureSet’s Bronze blend was used with a lighter natural stone colour called SureSet Norwegian Pearl, 6mm.

These two different products effortlessly complement each other and showcase the theme colours in the HIVE.

"We are extremely proud to be a part of a project which will be used by many to learn about the history, encourage outdoor learning and sustain work to improve the well-being of others"

Resin Bound Renovations on HIve Garden
Brittany Bronze resin bound
Brittany Bronze 2-5mm Product Specification

Grantex Brittany Bronze® is a natural mix of brown, grey and gold rounded gravel. It is suited to all bound and bonded systems, subject to a medium degree of vehicular traffic (not HGVs). Available from Grantex in 25kg bags. Also available in sizes: 1-3mm and 6-10mm.

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