Creative paving for Stratford Butterfly Farm

Opened by David Bellamy in 1985, Stratford Butterfly Farm is home to the largest butterfly display in the world with around 1,500 free flying butterflys, stick insects, beetles, leafcutter ants, tarantula spiders and two iguana’s called Stumpy and Princess.

SureSet were contacted by the Butterfly Farm in May 2017 with the aim of replacing the pathway taking visitors through the exotic rainforest area, with a surface that included stencils of bird footprints, paw prints and leaves.

Once the order was placed, these intricate stencils were created at SureSet HQ prior to installation.

With Grantex being the largest selection of dried aggregates in the UK market, Long Rake Spar were the natural choice of supplier for this unusual project. A number of unique SureSet blends such as the aptly named “Forest green” were utilised for around 200m² of pathway installation.

SureSet were on site for four days in December, completing this highly rewarding and creative project.

Stratford Butterfly Farm said of the project, “The Flight Area has had beautiful, bright, colourful pathways laid throughout, with leaf prints and animal foot prints incorporated into the design! We are delighted with the results and hope our visitors are too!”

Contractors: SureSet

Client: Stratford Butterfly Farm