Aln Valley Railway Project

Volunteer railway enthusiasts of the Aln Valley Trust were aiming to develop the Aln Valley heritage railway corridor as a recreational and educational resource. Construction of the railway is an ongoing project with the eventual intention being to reopen the old Alnwick Branch Line from the newly completed Alnwick Lionheart terminus station in Alnwick, to Alnmouth station.

Greenrigg Halt Station is a new station on the Alnmouth end of the railway line. A platform edge was required here, offering delineation and slip resistance prior to its opening in Easter 2022.

David Jobling-Purser, Sales & Marketing Director of Jobling Purser trained some of the Aln Valley Trust volunteers who then carried out the installation of the RocbindaTM surfacing with the Grantex Coastal Quartz aggregate in 2-5mm. All materials were supplied FOC by Jobling Purser and ourselves as part of our ongoing community benefits work.

Installation was complete in March 2022. Area covered 85m².

Contractor: Jobling Purser

Client: The Aln Valley Trust – Northumberland

Materials Used: Coastal Quartz 2-5mm