Addagrip EcoHeat Surfacing

Folkestone Invicta Football Club gets Addagrip EcoHeat surfacing in terrace revamp.

Addagrip EcoHeat Surfacing

Addagrip EcoHeat Surfacing responded to a call from Folkestone Invicta Football Club, with regards to their tired old terraces, bays and steps, which were in desperate need of a revamp, as you can see from the images below.

Addagrip EcoHeat Surfacing before
Terrace at Folkestone Invicta Football Club before photo

It was decided to use an innovative new product, Addagrip EcoHeat Surfacing, to install an EcoHeat piping underfloor heat system under an Addagrip resin bound surface that will melt snow and ice, with the benefits of it being a fully permeable surface.

Addagrip EcoHeat Surfacing provides a bespoke Resin Bound surface for all types of residential and commercial properties. A unique system, Addagrip EcoHeat Surfacing keeps paths and driveways clear of frost and snow. It can be set up to harness the energy of the sun in the summer to preheat your hot water as well. It is an energy efficient system, which is basically a giant solar panel laid in the surface. Different aggregates generate different kWh per square meter. This particular installation generates 44,000 kWh per year!

The total job was 270 m2 with a total budget of £33,750.

As you can see from the images the transformation is incredible and will save a lot of work in winter shovelling snow and laying rock salt.

ECOHEAT Terrace at Folkestone FC
Addagrip EcoHeat Snowy terrace
ECOHEAT resin bound surface