Terms & Conditions

  1. In the absence of any special contract conditions all and any business undertaken including advice information or service provided gratuitously orotherwise by Long Rake Spar Co. Limited (hereinafter called “the Company”) is transacted subject to the Standard Terms and Conditions hereinafter setout. Not one of the Conditions herein shall, except where the context requires it to, be in any way limited or restricted by reference to the terms of andother Condition. No agent or employee of the Company, other than those specially authorised in writing by the Company for that purpose, have anyauthority to alter, vary or qualify in any way these Conditions. These Conditions, and any special contractual conditions, shall take absolute precedenceover any conditions stipulated by the customer. No relaxation, delay or indulgence by the Company in enforcing any of the strict rights hereunder shallaffect, prejudice, or restrict such rights and any waiver by the Company of any breach of contract or failure to insist upon the performance of anyprovision of a contract with the customer shall not constitute or be construed as a waiver of any subsequent or continuing breach or as a waiver of anysuch provision.
  2. QUOTATIONS. Quotations are given on the basis of immediate acceptance and are subject to withdrawal or revisions. A quotation refers to the basiccost of goods or services (hereinafter called “goods”) and is exclusive of taxes packing freight and any other incidental costs.
  3. SPECIFICATIONS. The Company reserves the right to alter vary or modify the specifications of goods without notice. The specification of any goodssupplied by the Company pursuant to a contract shall be deemed to be the specifications of the goods current at the date of their delivery. All drawings,brochures, catalogues, illustrations and other materials are issued by the Company by way of general description only. No details of specification orperformance or dimensions or other particulars of the goods or of their application (whether contained on such descriptive material or not) shall formpart of any contract of sale with the Company or otherwise by the Company unless included in and forming part of an official quotation by the Company.
  4. PRICES. The Company’s published prices are net ex works, exclusive of taxes and subject to alteration without notice. All prices are payable in fullwithout deduction of any discount or allowance prior to delivery unless alternative arrangements have been made as part of the contract. Any costscharges or expenses incurred by the Company incidental to the supply of goods pursuant to a contract shall be extra charges to be paid by thecustomer at the time of payment for the goods.
  5. TERMS OF PAYMENT. Full payment for goods supplied is due and shall be made within seven days of the customer receiving notification that the goodsare ready for delivery. Payment shall be made on or before delivery of the goods unless alternative arrangements have been made as part of thecontract. In the case of non-payment any sum due or in the case of death incapacity bankruptcy or insolvency of the customer or (when the customeris a limited Company) in the case of liquidation or the appointment of a receiver or if an administration order comes into effect in respect of the customeror if the customer is unable to pay its debts (within the meaning of Section 123 of the Insolvency Act 1986) then the price of all goods invoiced by theCompany and/or supplied by the Company to the customer up to that date shall immediately become due and payable by the customer to the Companyand in addition the Company reserves the right to cancel each contract made with the customer or to suspend deliveries in either case withoutprejudice to the right of the Company to recover any loss sustained.
  6. OWNERSHIP. Goods shall remain the property of the Company until the whole sale price has been paid. Where arrangements have been made for thesale price to be paid after delivery the customer shall be responsible for and shall indemnify the Company against all loss or damage to the goods fromwhatsoever cause occurring.
  7. DELIVERY. The customer shall take delivery within seven days of receipt by the customer of notification from the Company that the goods are ready fordelivery. In the event of failure of the customer to take delivery at the stipulated time and place the customer shall be liable to the Company for a) allcharges incidental to the storage of goods and b) interest on the purchase price at the rate of 12% per annum or 1% above London Clearing BanksBase Rate (whichever shall be the higher) calculated from the date of delivery notification. If after a period of not less than 14 days from the date ofdelivery notification the customer has failed to take delivery of the goods the Company shall have the right to dispose of the goods to a third party andrecover from the customer (in addition to any costs of storage and of interest) (i) the amount if any by which the disposal proceeds are less than theselling price under the contract of sale and (ii) any expenses incurred by the Company in negotiating and completing the disposal of the goods. Anytime or date of delivery stated by the Company for the supply of goods is an estimate only and the Company shall not be liable for any loss damage orexpense caused by delay in delivery howsoever caused. Should the business of the Company be disorganised by any industrial dispute war fireaccident governmental action civil commotion or other cause beyond the Company’s control the right is reserved to the Company to postpone deliveryof the goods until the end of such disorganisation. If by reason of industrial dispute war fire accident governmental action civil commotion or other causebeyond the control of the customer the execution of the contract is affected the customer shall be liable to the company for any reasonable charges inthe storage of the goods. If the hindrance should continue beyond a reasonable period of time the customer shall be deemed to have failed to takedelivery of the goods and shall be liable to the customer accordingly under the terms of this paragraph. Claims for shortage of delivery or damage ofthe goods shall be made within forty-eight hours of delivery by written notice to the Company and to the carrier of the goods.
  8. CANCELLATION. If the customer for any reason cancel the order after its acceptance by the Company then the customer shall be liable for all costsexpenses and losses whatsoever of the Company resulting from such cancellation. Any payment made under the provision of this paragraph to securethe cancellation of the contract shall be without prejudice to the Company’s right to recover any costs expenses and losses suffered by it as aresult of such cancellation. The Company reserves the right to cancel the transaction at any time prior to acceptance of the full payment of the purchaseprice.
  9. EXCLUSION OF WARRANTY. No representation warranty condition of term express or implied statutory or otherwise as to the quality of the goods orfitness for any purpose or compliance with any sample or description or any other respect shall apply to this condition or to any delivery madehereunder. No claim shall lie against the Company for any injury loss or damage arising out of or in consequence of any defect in the goods. Noemployee or agent has any power to give any guarantee or to commit the Company as to or to accept on behalf of the Company any other liability as tothe quality of the goods and any such purported guarantee or warranty or any such commitment or acceptance shall not be binding on the Company.
  10. LAW OF CONTRACT. Any disputes on contracts agreed in the United Kingdom shall be subject to English Law.
  11. OFFERS AND COMPETITIONS. All offers are subject to product availability. The company retains the right to specify the package type of products offered i.e. whether available in Bulk Bags or Prepack Pallets. Where used, the term ‘Pallet’ refers to a standard Pre-pack Pallet.Customers may only use each offer or discount once (per branch) within the determined period unless stated otherwise. Where relevant customers must use offer code. Individual offer terms apply.To qualify: customers must use codes: ESAUGUST (e-shot), DMAUGUST (mail-out), NGAUGUST (national group); 15% only applies to the products listed in the offer; where applicable customers may only receive discount on prepack pallets (not bulk bags), on monoliths discount applies to each single item. Offer only applies if ordered as part of a full load order, not applicable on Loose Load orders unless stated otherwise.