RSMA Conference Nov 2014

A very interesting conference was hosted by the RSMA at Eastwood Hall, where Richard, Dan and Sarah attended and exhibited our Grantex dried aggregates.

The RSMA had appointed many speakers and interesting subjects which were engaging and informative, providing a selection of useful and thought provoking messages, particularly the Mock Trial which prompted at least one of our customers to review his policy on the use of mobile phones by his contractors.

The casino evening provided a great opportunity to mix and network with lots of customers, suppliers and contractors providing us with a very diverse insight into the industry and what part our business can play as suppliers.

Sarah attended the Safer Surfacing Seminars with key speakers –

Robert Dingess, President of Geospartial Transportation Mapping Association from the USALINK to ATSSA – some interesting reading

Robert provided a fantastic insight into High Friction Surfacing in the USA, which was enlightening in the fact that the USA was seriously lagging behind, compared to the UK “we are now where the UK was in 1970” was his exact phrase. Further enlightening was that the USA only legislated a minimum PSV value for roads, when the ATSSA council was formed, in 2013. With over 33,000 fatalities on the USA road networks annually it is understandable why Robert so appreciatively looked up to the UK High Friction Surfacing Industry as leaders in this industry and the ones to emulate.

Steve Hunt from BBALINK to BBA Thin Surfacing

Steve illustrated through a series of graphs and slides the long term lifespan of thermoplastic and thermosetting surfacing. His analysis of over 200 sites concluded that the merits of thermoplastics and thermosetting products within high friction surfacing indicated that a working life greater than 5 years is achievable, subject primarily to the condition of the substrate on which it is applied.

Donald Burton – Highways Agency

Donald advised of the restructure of the Highways Agency on 1st April 2015, with an increase budget spend of £1.5 billion/year over the course of the next 5 years, to resurface 80% of the Highways Agency road network. Something we can all hope triggers increased growth within our various supply sectors.

A very enjoyable two days was had by our team who vastly enjoyed the networking opportunity with fellow members of the RSMA. These events provide a great opportunity to connect with existing and potential customers whilst enforcing stronger working relations within the industry.

I am sure there will be lots of sore heads following the annual dinner however we can all look forward to a long recoup before the next event.