New Pastures for our Winding Engine

At the end of 2014 we donated our Long Rake Mine Winding engine to the Peak District Mines Historical Society.

The duplex geared winding engine originally operated cages which travelled up and down the mine shaft, it was able to carry 3 men to the 300 level. It was installed in 1926 and powered by a 12HP vertical boiler with a weir boiler feed pump but ceased use when mining on the rake stopped in 1981.

After a period of restoration the engine will be given pride of place as an exhibit at the Temple Mine site of the Peak District Lead Mining Museum.

The Temple Mine museum is a working 1920s lead and fluorspar mine where visitors can experience an authentic insight into life underground alongside an extensive collection of items from mines around the Peak District, personal belongings left by miners and a wide range of minerals.

For more information about the Peak District Mining Museum click here