Back in the fast lane at the NMBS Exhibition

As a result of Covid the past year and a half has been a struggle to say the least. We were unable to provide the customer service and support we pride ourselves on. Our account managers who are usually racing around the country visiting our customers and helping with marketing support set up were banished to their kitchen table.

Long Rake Spar freebies including a cup, water bottle, face mask and thermal mug.
Over 150 aggregate stands and 500 Point of sale boards set up in builders merchants..

We are over the moon to be back out there and have certainly made up for lost time. Our account managers and marketing department have set up over 150 aggregate stands and 500 point of sale boards in branches. We also delivered brand new product guides for the trade counter and a completely revamped glossy brochure.

Our logo was modernised and stamped this across hessian bags, T bags, Mint tins, mugs and more!

The new concept for 2021..

We created a new concept for the 2021 stand; ‘The Long Rake Spar Skeletrics Race Track’.  This included prizes of up to £150 to be won for the fastest lap times. We aimed to re – connect with all our customers that Covid may have distanced us from and have some fun while we are at it! It was a highly successful show with hundreds of new leads gained by our friendly account managers on the stand. The show was a great opportunity to showcase our brand new ‘Tuscan Sunrise’. This is part of our platinum collection which proved a massive hit. A big win overall for Long Rake Spar

Theres no replacement for face to face networking and sales..

We highly recommend getting back into face-to-face networking and sales. As the saying goes ‘sell yourself before the product’ and this is a great opportunity to do so! NMBS provided a safe environment to accommodate crowds during a time where Covid is still lingering in the background. The event was spread out over 2 days rather than one to allow more Members and Suppliers time to attend the event safely. The event did not feel overwhelming and a safe distance between one another was still respected. 

Get yourself back out there!