Quartzcoat Resin Bound Patio Project

See this stunning garden transformation video of a resin bound patio area completed by Quartzcoat in Newport, Pembrokeshire.

Quartzcoat Ltd are based in Cardigan, West Wales and are a family operated business employing a team of six skilled members.

The journey for them began back in 2003 when they took over a local pattern imprinted concrete installation company, who had decided enough was enough. In 2005, the opportunity arose to expand the company portfolio of surfacing options to include Resin Bound Aggregate Surfacing. Two years later they were only installing resin based systems, and concrete was fast becoming a thing of the past.

In 2017 Quartzcoat installed their very first ‘Ecobase’ sub-surface installation; the basics of which are that the traditional composition of type-1 sub-base, concrete and then a resin bound surface, was being re thought, and the concrete element was now omitted completely and replaced by a fully porous, resin bound base layer. Since that first installation in 2017, incorporating the relatively untested Ecobase, they decided to have total faith in the durability of the new system, and took the decision to remove concrete from their project options. Quartzcoat now install around 2-3 thousand m2 of the Ecobase system yearly, and are in the process of securing the IPO paperwork for the TM and patents.


The Pembrokeshire Garden Project

The project portrayed in the video, is a perfect depiction of the method Quartzcoat employ, right from the initial breaking of ground, to the final piece of shuttering being removed and the finishing touches being applied. This particular project came to Quartzcoat courtesy of Derick Williams Building Contactors of Newport, Pembokeshire.

This project was carried out in the village of Newport, Pembrokeshire, and involved the removal of in excess of 40 tonnes of spoil, followed by the reinstatement of the newly excavated base using type-1 sub-base, the laying of a geotextile T1000 membrane, constructing a new retaining curved block wall, and then a set of low rise steps to access the patio from below were also designed and built from blockwork.

The interesting aspect in all of this, is that originally the customer had asked for, and spec’d a face brick wall, which, upon closer scrutiny and deliberation, was deemed to have been a big mistake, both in terms of time, cost and material availability. After a short site meeting, the concept of a “total resin covering” was mooted.

It was decided that the entire patio would be resin bound; wall sides, wall top, steps and circular main patio surface. The colours chosen were Grantex Stellar Grey for the surface and steps, a bespoke blend of Grantex Silver Grey Granite / Grantex Winter Quartz and Grantex Silver Blue Granite for the wall, with a Grantex White Flint for the contrasting step inlaid highlighters.  The project wasn’t without its trials, number one being the Welsh weather,  providing a stark reminder of how testing these projects can become once the month of September has passed.

All parties involved with the project are over the moon with the result, and we hope that Mr and Mrs Davies have years of enjoyment from their beautiful, new, self-designed Quartzcoat garden space.

Contractor: Quartzcoat.

Materials Used: Grantex Stellar Grey, Grantex Silver Grey, Grantex Winter Quartz, Grantex Silver Blue, Grantex White Flint.