Driveway SOS

Lewis from JHB (UK) Ltd had carried out a site visit at the request of the Parson family a short time back. They had been left with an unfinished patio and driveway thanks to a contractor who hadn’t returned to finish the job or rectify the issues; despite pocketing thousands of pounds. The initial work was required to provide wheelchair access for the Parsons’ lovely Son and had now left the family in an impossible situation as the failed driveway now posed a safety hazard as well.

Lewis knew he had to do something to help this desperate situation and called out to suppliers to pull together and come to the rescue,
which of course they did!

To The Rescue!

From start to finish, suppliers rallied to help; from removing the rubble and providing equipment to remove and re-lay the base, to provide the materials required for the transformation, not to mention the hard work and skills of those involved in making this project a success. Everyone rallied together to transform this driveway disaster into something functional, fit for purpose and the envy of the neighbours!

JHB contacted Addagrip Terraco for a resin-bound system for the new driveway. As a Grantex Surfacing stockist, Addagrip contacted us to see if we would like to help assist this family and we were only too pleased to be able to help with a donation of our Silver Blue specialist-screened dried aggregates. The Addagrip Stonebound system was selected in Castle Grey for its seamless, flexible resilience, which offers SUDs permeability.

Work begins.

It took three days for this incredible driveway transformation to occur. Day one was dedicated to breaking up and removing the old failed driveway and making good the beginning of the foundations. 

Day two was all about the base. This step is critical as it is the foundation upon which the resin-bound surface is laid. A solid base ensures the longevity of the finished surface.

Day three was the most incredible transformation, with the laying of the Stonebound resin-bound driveway. Finally, this family can now enjoy their outdoor space, with it being safe, functional and beautiful, for many years to come.

Grantex Silver Blue

Available in 1-3mm & 2-5mm

Grantex Silver Blue Granite is a light, silver blue/grey, angular chipping with flecks of dark blue/black. It is suited to all bound and bonded systems subject to heavy wear from continual traffic, including medium-weight goods vehicles.

Project Collaborators:
  • JHB (UK) Ltd – for all the man hours and hard work in bringing everything together and laying a superb resin-bound driveway and pathway.
  • DTM Grab Hire – transportation of the stone for the sub-base and removal of the old rubble.
  • Tool Care Hire – digger, breaker and a wacker plate
  • Civil Solutions LTD – sand, cement and flat tops
  • Addagrip Terraco – Stonebound resin bound system
  • Grantex Surfacing – specialist screened dried aggregates for the resin-bound system