A View of the Olive Tree

The annual Southport Flower Show welcomed a new entrant in the featured show gardens this year, with C&W Berry Builders Merchants undertaking their first show garden with “A View of an Olive Tree”, which was designed to embrace the Mediterranean theme of the show.

This award winning garden was designed and created by Kirman Design and picked up a total of FOUR awards including the much coveted Best in Show, along with Best Large Garden, Best Theme of Show and Best Outside Garden.

The concept behind the show garden was to provide an inspirational insight into what can be achieved with a collection of products which are available from their branch. As many people relate Builders Merchants to heavy-side building products, it provided a unique opportunity to educate consumers on what a diverse range of quality decorative landscape products are also stocked at C & W Berry’s yard.

C & W Berry have excelled over the years by expanding their product range to encompass more unique and exclusive decorative chippings and landscaping products, some of which, featured prominently in the garden. Ice Blue chippings in both a 3-8mm and 20mm grade were just some of the products that were on display and complemented the overall Mediterranean theme.

The Ice Blue chippings were kindly donated by Long Rake Spar, and form part of their platinum range of exclusive decorative aggregates. Richard Maughan, Sales Director for Long Rake Spar stated, “having been suppliers to C & W Berry’s for over 20 years’ we have built up a great working relationship that has seen both our businesses continue to increase and grow, so it’s great that having been stockists and promoters of our products for many years, they have received this great recognition for all their hard work”.

The extent of exclusive and unique decorative chippings available from Long Rake Spar have been a key driver in promoting C&W Berry as a merchant that offers a point of difference in a competitive market place as well as an innovative and inspirational supplier.

Builders Merchant: C & W Berry Ltd

Designer: Kirman Design

Show: Southport Flower Show